Quality guarantee from Bydgoszcz’s largest developer

About the investment

ARKADA BUSINESS PARK is the most modern Class A office complex in the region. The office building is the final effect of Arkada Group’s analysis and research into office space optimisation. Its result is a development of timeless architecture, with modern technologies and pro-environmental solutions.

Due to its high functionality and rich infrastructure, office complex offers unlimited possibilities and work comfort even for the most exacting tenants.


ARKADA BUSINESS PARK is located in the central part of Bydgoszcz, at the crossroads of the city’s major thoroughfares– the Fordon Roundabout.

The excellent location of the office complex guarantees highest exposure and guarantees easy access by car, public transport or bike.

The airport and train station are 7 minutes away.

About the investor

The ARKADA BUSINESS PARK project is carried out by the ARKADA HOLDING group – a company of experience and position in the domestic and office property market.

Within a period of 16 years, the group has constructed 42 high-quality buildings, in premium locations. The developments are set apart by timeless architecture, high quality finishing materials, functional solutions and rich site infrastructure.

We have received numerous awards and recognitions in confirmation of the quality provided.